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LGBTQ History Stakeholder Forum

October 12, 2018

Google Community Space 

San Francisco

#FairEducationAct  #LGBTQHistory 



Twitter: #FairEducationAct 


Forum 2 - February 1 - Los Angeles


Link to Slideshow:



Link to Background Slideshow:



Link to Morning Notes Document:





Link to Afternoon Info: Link to Process and Docs

Link to Afternoon Notes.


Our Family Coalition Video: “Making History: The FAIR Education Act.”


Making Gay History - https://makinggayhistory.com/

Making Gay History Background - https://makinggayhistory.org/

Making Gay History Lesson Plans with Embedded Audio - https://makinggayhistory.org/classroom/

Making Gay History Lesson plans - https://unerased.org/mgh





Goal:  To co-create a high-quality LGBTQ history professional learning program for California's teachers and administrators.



Ongoing Conversation

- OST Model - "law of 2 feet" - brainstorming the right ideas


Topics Brainstormed toward our goal

- How do we handle regional differences in California?

- Teacher Training - how will this be done and how 

- Elementary Schools - How to incorporate LGBTQ literature

- Specific strategies in dealing with reluctant parents

- PreService Teacher Ed - University Level

- Training for Administrators - different than teachers

- Professional Development - how teachers are trained, community 

- How to address disability part of the FAIR Act

- Queer and trans is a "white" thing

- Organizing around curriculum at the high school level

- How to best communicate and messaging for school boards (guidance) - up and down

- How do reduce bias in administrators

- Intersectionality and equity literacy work - how do we align with that? 

- Education for parents and community

- Content/Materials/Resources - Inclusive stories to be told about LGBTQ history and historical stories as well as local heroes.  Scattered resources / clearinghouse - how do we centralize resources into one place? Something specifically addressing textbooks - guide teachers to see how LGBTQ history is included. 

- Integration with GSA clubs

- Resources for school districts to partner with community groups and various stakeholders - Board and Administrators

- Youth voice - how to bring non-LGBT youth along so it is moving along together ... 

- Data collection information - use of Ca Healthy Kids Survey for data 

- Identify historical figures and identity

- What is LGBTQ relationship - create a framework of liberation 


Broad Topic Groups

- Content

- Professional Learning Teachers

- Professional Learning Administrators

- Data Collection and Assessment

- Equity and Inclusion

- Pushback and Dissent

- PreService and University Conversation 

- Family Education

- Youth voices and inclusion 


Collaboration with community groups (youth, community, families)







Other Resources





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