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Race: common physical characteristics

Ethnicity: common socially defined characteristics (language, religion, or other cultural factors)

Religion: personal set of attitudes, beliefs, and practices

Gender: (noun): state of being male, female or intersex or some variation.

Sexual Orientation: (noun): one’s inherent sexual, romantic, and/or spiritual attraction towards others, either of a different, the same, or multiple genders.



Social Rights Movement Timeline





Diversity Toolkit:  https://msw.usc.edu/mswusc-blog/diversity-workshop-guide-to-discussing-identity-power-and-privilege/ 

Teaching Tolerance Leadership: https://www.tolerance.org/professional-development/leadership 

Gender Spectrum:  https://www.genderspectrum.org/resources/education-2/#more-424 



At the Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexuality. https://www.hrc.org/resources/at-the-intersection-race-sexuality-and-gender 

Wilson - Intersectionality 

Ashmore - Intersection Framework




Lesson Planning




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