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Other sessions:



Salinas Union High School District

8th Grade History Teachers

Agenda - November 6, 2017  



Pre Survey (If you did not already complete it)


Intro - KWL 

Safe Space, Expectations, *** Online Parking Lot: Padlet



Video: Don't Erase My History - .30-12:40  (KWL: Students, Martin Meeker, Jewell Gomez, Sheila Kuehl). Teacher's Guide.  

Article:  Curriculum as a Mirror and a Window Article (Styles, 1988) - Groups:  4 people per group - 1 person from each school.

  • In groups: Persons 1 and 2: pages 1-3;  Persons 3-5 – Read pages 3-5.  Group Discussion.
  • Mirror and Window Chart 
  • How has curriculum (or literature) been a mirror or a window for you?
  • How do you make curriculum a mirror and a window for your students?  


Slides:  Overview – California History Framework and LGBT History

Curriculum Guide and Resources (Below) - See website: http://queerhistory.pbworks.com/ 

Kahoot Game - https://kahoot.it/ 

One comment or thought on Padlet


11:30-12:30 – Lunch on your own

** Continuing Education Information Here


12:30 – 3:30

Online Parking Lot: Padlet


Slides:  LGBT History and the Gender Binary


SUHSD Planning Documents - Organize in School Groups


Implementation Planning:

1.  What is our plan for implementing LGBT history in the coming months - to teach at least 2 lessons by April? (Identify lessons or standards and time)

2. Which specific topics or lessons will you be teaching?

3. Ongoing discussion about implementation  - PLC / Department Meetings? (What topics will be discussed? Sharing? Mini learning plan? When?)

4. Concerns/Questions 

5. Timeline / Plan for Implementation (Include tentative dates and topics)


Gender Lesson Ideas 


Other Information

- See Social Movement Timeline  (pdf Google Doc)

- State Textbook Adoption Process (2017) - Preview the possible new books here

- Other lesson ideas:


Report Back 


Feedback Form and "Once Around" 



Expectations and Future Meetings

  •  December – April - 
    • Create a school plan for implementation - ongoing discussions in departments/PLCs 
    • Teach at least two LGBT history lessons.
    • Complete pre and post assessments. 
    • Have students complete a feedback survey – Ticket out the Door:  http://bit.ly/SUHSDhistorylesson


  •  Thursday, January 25 - 4:00-7:00 – Collaborative Planning, Possible Speakers and Dinner


  • Thursday, March 1 -  4:00-7:00 – Collaborative Planning, Possible Speakers and Dinner


  •  Wednesday, April 11 – 8:30-3:30 – Full Day Professional Learning 


Other History Related Resources


LGBT Related Research About Safe School Environments and Youth



January 22 Meeting 



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