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Lesson Links - Grade 8 - U.S. History


8th US History LGBTQ History Resources


Links and documents to use with students for the following lessons with the Curriculum Guide for Grade 8.


Topic 1: The Constitution and the 14th Amendment

Court Cases for Research: Supreme Court Decisions regarding the 14th Amendment


Questions/Poster/Slide requirements to be answered for each court case:

  • Name of Court Case
  • Year Decided
  • Brief background of the case. Who were the people involved and why were they involved?
  • What was decided?
  • Why was this decision important? 

Additional Lessons

Constitutional Conflicts: Exploring Gay Rights 

Constitutional Conflicts: The Right to Marry 

Constitutional Conflicts: The Right to an Abortion 

PBS: Constitution and Same Sex Marriage Laws 



Topic 2: Westward Movement and Gender Diversity in Frontier Life Through Photo Analysis (1800-1870)

List of Photos

Handout: Photo Analysis 


Topic 3:  Native Americans, Gender Roles and Two-Spirit People

Handout: Native American Perspectives of Gender

Article: "Two-Spirit: Past, Present Future" by Harlan Pruden

Video: "Two-Spirit People Voices."  

Additional Lessons

Indigenous People - British Columbia (SOGI) - https://www.sogieducation.org/indigenous-perspectives  


Topic 4: Cross-Dressing or “Passing Women” in the Civil War

Short biographies of cross-dressing women


Basic Information Needed About Civil War Cross-Dressers:

Name of Person:

Early Life:

Role in Civil War:

What was their reason for fighting?

How did they live their life following the Civil War?

Once their story became public, how did that change the view of women’s roles in society?

How did this change society’s views of gender? 


Topic 5: The Westward Movement and Charley Parkhurst 





Related Lesson Plan - UC Berkeley History Social Science Project 



Other LGBTQ Lesson Plans 


From LA History Project:  https://centerx.gseis.ucla.edu/history-geography/curriculum-resources/ 

UC Berkeley History Project:  http://ucbhssp.berkeley.edu/content/california-fair-education-act 

LGBTQ Historic Sites and Queer Study Booklets - National Park Service: https://www.nps.gov/subjects/tellingallamericansstories/lgbtqthemestudy.htm 

British Columbia - SOGI Elementary - https://www.sogieducation.org/elementary-lesson-plans/ 

Secondary Lessons - https://www.sogieducation.org/sogi3/#secondary-lesson-plans 






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