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Lesson Links - Grade 11 - U.S. History


Links and documents to use with students for the following lessons with the Curriculum Guide.

See also the 11th History resource page with other sources. 

8th US History LGBTQ History Resources


 Romantic Friendships Increase Women’s Rights (1890-1930)

  • HandoutWomen Relationships During the Progressive Era  
  • Biographical links:

Susan B. Anthony

Jane Addams / Article: Outing Jane Addams 

Florence Kelley

Ida B. Wells

Mary Church Terrell

Julia Lathrop  / Video about Julia Lathrop (Library of Congress)

Jane Addams and Julia Lathrop 

Jane Addams and Mary Rozet Smith 



Gays in the Military from the Civil War to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (1860-2010)

  1. Article 1: Paul Jackson, One of the Boys: Homosexuality in the Military during World War IIWeb / PDF Document 
  2. Article 2: Emma Mason, BBC History Magazine: On the same side: Homosexuals during the Second World WarWeb / PDF Document 
  3. Article 3: Sam Bennett (Blogpost). Fynetimes: Blood and Love in the Trenches.  LGBT History, July 16, 2014, Blood and love in the trenches. Web / PDF Document 
  4. Article 4:Chris Love (Blogpost). Remembering LGBT History: How World War II changed gay and lesbian life in AmericaWeb / PDF Document
  5. Article 5: Karen Ocamb (Blogpost). Gays in World War II Remembered on 70th Anniversary of VE DayWeb / PDF Document  



The Harlem Renaissance: As Gay as it was Black (1917-1935)

1. Prezi about the Harlem Renaissance (to be used as part of the lesson)

  • Poem: "Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes (via YouTube
  • Poem: "Howl" by Alan Ginsberg (via YouTube) Note: Written in 1955 and considered controversial by some.  


2. Button Poetry Poems on YouTube  (Choose ones you like or preview the ones below that include a variety of themes).



The Lavender Scare and the 1950s (1918-2011)

Handout: Key Questions and Videos

Provide "key questions" to students prior to viewing these videos in order.


Longer Videos:



Amendments, Laws and Court Decisions Expand Equality (1868-2015)

Handout:  Amendments, Laws and Court Decisions for Lesson Plan.

May also consider discussing this letter from the ACLU to school districts in 2011 about allowing Gay Straight Alliances on school campuses. 

Additional Lessons

Constitutional Conflicts: Exploring Gay Rights 

Constitutional Conflicts: The Right to Marry 

Constitutional Conflicts: The Right to an Abortion 

PBS: Constitution and Same Sex Marriage Laws 




Stonewall Riots, 1969.

SHEG Lesson Plan and Materials: https://sheg.stanford.edu/stonewall-riots 


Langston Hughes and Discovering he is gay.




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