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High School History and English: Teaching LGBT History


Day 1 (8:00-3:00)



  1. HSS Framework Overview Presentation 



  1. A Safe Space.  The Online "Parking Lot"  (Padlet)
  2. Pre-Assessment – What do you know about LGBT History? KWL Chart 
  3. Game: LGBT History Pre-Test – Kahoot Game: https://create.kahoot.it/#quiz/869c9931-e1c4-4061-9f3f-8462aeb6d434 (Must create a free account to use)
  4. Discussion: What causes a social movement?   
  5. Curriculum as a Mirror and a Window Article (Styles, 1988) 
    • How has curriculum (or literature) been a mirror or a window for you?
    • How do you make curriculum a mirror and a window for your students?  
    • Article discussion: 1. Summarize the article.  2. Ahas for your own experience (mirror/window) 


5. Video:  Don't Erase My History - .30-12:40  (KWL: Students, Martin Meeker, Jewell Gomez, Sheila Kuehl). Teacher's Guide. 


6. Gender Discussion: Gender Unicorn 


11:30 – Lunch (Choose your topic and/or partner)


7. Presentation: Overall History of the LGBT Rights Movement / California History Social Science Curriculum

Article: A Little History about LGBT History in California (KWL)


8.  Topic Focus Teams (Choose One) - Presentation Guide

The Five Themes Plus One:

  • ·      Romantic Friendships Increase Women’s Rights (1890-1930)
  • ·      Gays in the Military from the Civil War to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (1860-2010)
  • ·      Harlem Renaissance: As Gay as it was Black (1917-1935)
  • ·      The Lavender Scare and the 1950s (1918-2011)
  • ·      Amendments, Laws and Court Decisions Expand Equality (1868-2015)
  • ·      The AIDS Crisis (1982-2017)


2:00 – 3:00 – Teaching LGBT History (Justin and Michelle); Q and A


Individual / Group Work:

  1. Read California History Framework - Grade 11 Only:  
    (Read then post at least 2 comments on this Google Doc. ) 
    Entire Framework here: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/hs/cf/sbedrafthssfw.asp (Chapter 16 is Grade 11)
  2. Read about your topic area - See the Curriculum Guide or this link.  (Prepare to Present on Day 2: Presentation Guide)
  3. Complete Sexuality Implicit Association Test regarding attitudes about LGBT people:https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html 



8:00-9:00 -

1. Jigsaw Activity / Posters – Post Its  a) New Framework;  b) LGBT History Topic; c) Sexuality Implicit Association Test

Discussion/Activity: California U.S. History Framework: What is different?

Recap from yesterday:  Article: A Little History about LGBT History in California


2. Timeline Talk: How LGBT rights fit with other rights movements in history.  (PDF - Word

- Justin's Timeline - Civil Rights  * Lesson Plan 

- Michelle's Timeline Classroom Project  


3. Group Presentations: a) Romantic Friendships and Women’s Rights; b) Gays in the Military

4. Group Presentations: a) Harlem Renaissance; b) The Lavender Scare; c) SHEG Lessons; d) Science and LGBT heroes


11:30 - Lunch


6. Group Presentations: a) Amendments and Laws; b) AIDS Crisis


7. Activity/Role Play: Talking with students, parents and colleagues about LGBT History

 Privilege Walk (Can be used as part of Civil Rights Unit)

          - Silva Privilege Walk Presentation


8.  Strategies for LGBT history implementation. 


9.  Final Evaluation (Please complete online)  / Insights


10. Post Test / Post Survey: Kahoot Game - https://create.kahoot.it/#quiz/a3e87f2d-9c62-47f8-862f-1639cb6fb20c (Must create a free account to use)





Continuing Ed Credit





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