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Information / Activities for 8th Grade History Teachers


1. KWL Chart - What do you know about LGBT history?


2. Video: Don't Erase My History - .30-12:40  (KWL: Students, Martin Meeker, Jewell Gomez, Sheila Kuehl). Teacher's Guide. 


3. Curriculum as a Mirror and a Window Article (Styles, 1988) - Groups of 4 - different schools

  • In groups: Persons 1 and 2: pages 1-3;  Persons 3-5 – Read pages 3-5.  Group Discussion. 
  • How has curriculum (or literature) been a mirror or a window for you?
  • How do you make curriculum a mirror and a window for your students?  
  • Mirror and Window Chart 
  • Add to your KWL chart 


4. Article: A Little History about LGBT History in California (KWL)


5. 8th Grade History and the New History Social Science Framework and LGBT History (KWL)


6. Slide Show: LGBT History and the Gender Binary


7. Feedback Form


8. Summer Workshop - PVUSD - June 19 and 20 - Register Now


9. Bonus: Kahoot Game for LGBT Vocabulary 


State Textbook Adoption Process (2017) - Preview the possible new books here


Stanford History Education Group (SHEG). 





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