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Page history last edited by Rob Darrow 1 year, 9 months ago

LGBT History Curriculum Guide Information

Aug. 2022

Members of the Safe Schools Project have created a curriculum guide for 11th and 8th grade U.S. history teachers about LGBT history.

Cost: $40.00,  email Dr. Rob Darrow: RobDarrow@robdarrow.us. 


Order Forms:  Google Doc Form and email Rob.

Sample 8th * Sample 11th 

Handout: 11th Grade Book One Pager  *  8th Grade Book One Pager


8th Grade Book Table of Contents  11th Grade Book Table of Contents 

Overview and Background

  • History and Terms
  • California Context and the FAIR Act of 2011
  • Why Teach LGBT History?
  • Standard/Framework Alignment 
  • Resources and Website

Vocabulary and Terminology

Timeline and Key Events of the Gay Rights Movement 

Leaders of the Movement 

Organizations and Publications 

California Specific Laws regarding LGBT Youth 

Introducing LGBT History and Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Classroom Environment 

Eighth Grade History Curriculum and LGBT History Overview  

Organization of Topics and Lesson Plans 

Topics and Lesson Plans:

  • Topic 1: The Constitution and the 14th Amendment
  • Topic 2: Westward Movement and Gender Diversity
    in Frontier Life Through Photo Analysis (1800-1870)
  • Topic 4: Cross-Dressing or “Passing Women” in the Civil War
  • Topic 3:  Native Americans, Gender Roles and Two-Spirit People

Overview / Why teach about LGBT Rights

Background and History

Standard/Framework Alignment

Vocabulary and Defining Terms

Timeline and Key Events of the Gay Rights Movement

California Specific Laws regarding LGBT Youth

Leaders of the Movement

Organizations and Publications

The five themes:

  • Romantic Friendships Increase Women’s Rights (1890-1930)
  • Gays in the Military from the Civil War to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (1860-2010)
  • Harlem Renaissance: As Gay as it was Black (1917-1935)
  • The Lavender Scare and the 1950s (1918-2011)
  • Amendments, Laws and Court Decisions Expand Equality (1868-2015)

Short Narratives 

  • Gay Rights Movement in the Context of Civil Rights
  • Native Americans and Two-Spirit People
  • AIDS Crisis
  • Changing Demographics in the U.S. 











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